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  • Product Name: Open type strong metal side row
  • Product Number: APK-A

One Spray paint using the latest technology, smooth surface, bright color, fashion and generous.
Two Thick blade design, the air volume is bigger, the efficiency is higher, the stable air pressure, the noise is low.
3 fully enclosed motor, steel casing of the thickening, wear resistance, high temperature, the use of advanced spray paint technology, so that a durable smooth surface.
4 use high quality parts, more stable
5 high quality steel sheet metal stamping structure, good rigidity, light weight, beautiful, easy to install.
6.CAD optimization design, the wind is big, the noise is low, the operation is stable.
7 motors with built-in fuse protection, safe and reliable.
8 structure is reasonable, fan, high strength, low noise, high efficiency characteristics, mainly used for high temperature, humidity, dust, exhaust gas.