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  • Product Name: Luxury industry fan
  • Product Number: FS-A1

1. Motor adopts imported permawick lubricating oil, is not easy to volatilize, condensation, liquefaction, ultra high lubricating performance effectively avoid the collision of the parts of the motor and wear, let motor operation is uniform and powerful, the complete elimination of noise.
2 according to the principle of air dynamics and fluid mechanics, the aluminum structure is designed, which makes full use of the air flow power, and the running time is more smooth and the noise is small, and the air flow is greater when the horizontal swing is sent.
3 metal head control button, metal head control of the balance of the screw, metal screws fixed fan blade.
4.1.8mm bold encryption reinforced net ray cover, strong toughness, can effectively reduce the wind induced vibration, propped up the use of deformation.
5 heavier chassis, load pressure, the body is stable, safe operation of the multi angle chassis screws, more comfortable to install.